Slik Ting Ender


Written and directed by Anna Fredrikke Bjerke
Produced by Anna Fredrikke Bjerke
Co-Produced by Vilde Moberg
Cinematography by Catharina Wandrup
Edited by Elise Olavsen
Colorist: Didrik Bråthen

Featuring Thea Green Lundberg and Jenny Ellegård

Told from the perspective of Sofia (Thea Green Lundberg), a queer woman discovering and asserting who she is as a young adult, ‘The Way Things End’ is a poetic short film about two friends who are coming to terms with the painful truth that a shift in perspective can sometimes end a friendship. We hear Sofia’s emotional response to the friendship breakup, as she reflects on the conflict that has come between her and Isabel (Jenny Ellegård), her former ride-or-die; this internal voice is filled with sadness, guilt and confusion. Gradually Sofia begins to remember parts of the friendship that were good and honest, as she finds a new perspective; forgiveness.

On “The Way Things End” Anna wanted a very naturalistic feel over the film. The look we decided on was a dim and soft grade. We gave it a slight tint of blue and green, with not a lot of contrast.


Tech specs:

Shot on: Arri Alexa mini

Aspect: 2.39:1

Grade with: Davinci Resolve