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    This paper presents an introduction to the color pipelines behind modern feature-film visual-effects and animation: Authored by Jeremy Selan, and reviewed by the members of the VES Technology Committee including Rob Bredow, Dan Candela, Nick Cannon, Paul Debevec, Ray Feeney, Andy Hendrickson, Gautham Krishnamurti, Sam

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    Have you ever found your final product lacking something that is hard to put your finger on? Did your client come back with a vague note about how the video didn’t feel right? You are probably in need of a colorist – a colorist can

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    What is a digital colorist? What are they responsible for? Let’s take a look at the ever-changing duties of colorists in film and video production. The role of a colorist has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Much like the evolving role of a Digital Imaging Technician, the

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    The Academy Color Encoding System aims to be the filmmaking industry standard for color grading The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences strives to protect, archive, and advance the arts and sciences of motion pictures. One of many hassles about color grading. The organization is mostly known